Privacy in the 21st Century

The Atlantic today had a fairly excited article about a new company named Vigilant Solutions and the privacy question it proposes, “What information can a company collect on you and sell to the Police?” Vigilant is a law enforcement contractor that maintains a private database of car license plate photos and their location data, collected from license plate readers it gives to police departments. Police get free plate readers, Vigilant gets the data. Ultimately the article was furious at this “unprecedented violation of privacy” for profit. I’m just not sure it’s a particularly questionable program, and it certainly has precedent.

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Digital Assistants and the Future, or When can I have a Samantha?

Silicon Valley is a strange place full of strange memes, and right now Chatbots are the latest meme. Everyone is crazy about chatbots. I’m disappointed by this meme because of the implications it has on what I really want. The obsession with chatbots implies that the technical hurdles of creating what I actually want, a conversational AI Digital Assistant, are really big and will probably not be solved in the immediate future.

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Star Wars The Force Awakens, Thoughts (Spoilers Galore)

Here are my thoughts about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday. There are major spoilers.

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Yi Camera First Impressions

What Am I Reading?

In light of the fact that I haven’t decided the scope of topics I want to discuss on my blog, I’ll take the time to talk about something that I’ve been excited about lately. I’m excited about a book, and not just any book. While reading this book I’ve already come to the conclusion that it’s my favorite book ever. But before I reveal it, let me talk a bit about my reading history.

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