My Three Favorite Engineers

Buckminster Fuller

The ultimate philosopher/inventor engineer. He designed cars, buildings, and worked to create a philosophical theory of humanist technology advancing mankind while conserving the planet. Most known for his promotion of the geodesic dome, when dome homes became popular he became a counter culture icon. Fuller inspires me to be as broad reaching in thought and openness as I can, and the convergence of philosophy and technical solutions.

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Why I think Donald Trump will be the Next President of the United States

On April 30th, 2015 I bet $1 at 200 to 1 odds that Donald Trump would win the Republican Nomination for President. Back then Donald Trump hadn’t even declared yet, but that silly small bet as a joke turns out to have been probably the best bet I’ve ever made (even while also being horrified by the outcome). Now nearly a year later I am willing to make a new bet, I think Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. Here’s why I think so.

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The Great Branding Recession

Today I’m going to propose a new theory about the current state of design. Design has gone through many periods with various schools and trends that we can often lump into broader historical design eras. I certainly don’t think I’m the first to propose this but today I believe we are seeing the start of the Great Branding Recession.

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Starship Troopers (not the Paul Verhoeven film)

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been reading a lot of SciFi lately. The latest book I’ve completed in the in this foray is Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. Now I will say this is kind of the second or third time I’ve read this book. Back when the Starship Troopers movie came out I remember trying to read the book a couple of times but I was eleven or so I won’t claim to have actually comprehended the book. Flash forward 17 years and with both The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Stranger in a Strange Land finished I was ready to re-tackle one of Robert Heinlein’s seminal works.

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Firewatch Review

This weekend in my spare time I bought and completed a new game called Firewatch. I found the game to quite enjoyable and represented a new experience in videos games for me.

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