Recently, the Zuck shared with us his vision of the world. It was a 5,700 word essay in which he says some very creepy things. However, we should take this post at face value given the buzz of a Zuckerberg 2020 campaign and that we currently have a reality TV show star as President. So who is Mark Zuckerberg and why is he so creepy? His manifesto reveals that he is a sheltered immature creepy dude.

Let’s look at some creepy statements in his manifesto:

“Each person should be able to share what they want while being told they cannot share something as little as possible. The approach is to combine creating a large-scale democratic process to determine standards with AI to help enforce them.”

First that’s fucking terrifying. Mark Zuckerberg proposed a direct democracy standards creation combined with Skynet.

“First, our community is evolving from its origin connecting us with family and friends to now becoming a source of news and public discourse as well.”

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at Harvard so people could creep on women. Also is Facebook actually good for any of those things nowadays? Let’s not ignore that naturalistic views of social change are great at dehumanizing the individual, were a tool of some of the worst figures in history.

“Facebook is not just technology or media, but a community of people.”

Spoken like a true CEO of company that makes money of advertising. This reeks of someone living in a bubble. Did you know that Zuckerberg bought all the houses that surround his house so he could have more privacy? He is a private person running a company that makes money off of trying to know everything about you.

“The decline raises deeper questions alongside surveys showing large percentages of our population lack a sense of hope for the future.”

Yes I’ve already mentioned that Zuckerberg has a weird way of talking about people as if they exist only in the aggregate, but who at Facebook actually let him write this? That’s a really creepy way to talk about people. Facebook is officially run be a less human Gavin Belson. You could also dumb down this statement and find it in most Donald Trump speeches.

“Online communities are a bright spot, and we can strengthen existing physical communities by helping people come together online as well as offline.”

Are they though? There are a lot of dark spots too. I think at best we could call this a wash. The Zuck has a decidedly rosy view of his industry that lacks nuance and thoughtfulness. Maybe he should watch Werner Herzog’s new film Lo and Behold.

“The most successful physical communities have engaged leaders, and we’ve seen the same with online groups as well.”

Every animal farm has pigs right? Or you know, leaders like Milo Yiannopoulos? So again, this is a wash at best and a naïve statement.

“Social media is a short-form medium where resonant messages get amplified many times. This rewards simplicity and discourages nuance. At its best, this focuses messages and exposes people to different ideas. At its worst, it oversimplifies important topics and pushes us towards extremes.”

That’s not a creepy statement, but it’s creepy coming from someone who made his fortune benefiting and promoting that people use exactly in the manner he described.

Mark Zuckerberg is Creepy

For years Mark Zuckerberg has been doing everything he can to get Facebook okay’d in China. To appease the Chinese government he built in censorship tools. How can we trust a man who waxes poetically about democracy while trying to make as much money as possible in a very un-democractic country? I guess in the President Trump world people are emboldened to try get away with anything.