Buckminster Fuller

The ultimate philosopher/inventor engineer. He designed cars, buildings, and worked to create a philosophical theory of humanist technology advancing mankind while conserving the planet. Most known for his promotion of the geodesic dome, when dome homes became popular he became a counter culture icon. Fuller inspires me to be as broad reaching in thought and openness as I can, and the convergence of philosophy and technical solutions.

Glenn Curtiss

One of the greatest garage engineers of all time, he was an inventor, businessman, and was fearless in the face of challenges. He got his start building his own engines for motorcycles and raced them himself to promote his business. Most of all he was a titan in the pioneering of heavier than air flight. Every plane in the skies today relies on basic aviation ideas he laid out. He only turned to building airplanes after he got bored after setting an unofficial land speed record on a V8 motorcycle of his own design. Curtiss shows how you don’t need a formal engineering background to take on huge challenges.

My Dad, Loren Carvajal

This entire blog post wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t raised by an Engineer. My dad showed me the value of a good technical understanding of the basics of physics and a will to learn those fundamentals. While he did and still does display all the traits of engineers that most people find confusing (engineers are made fun of for good reasons), were it not for him the drive to problem solve instinctive in me, would not exist.